Hills 2 at the Con

This past Saturday, I attended a special horror brunch for Fox Atomic’s THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 a la Craven and company as part of the NY Comic Con.

In addition to being treated to some exclusive footage from the upcoming Hills 2, my one-on-one with the horror director-producer-writer produced these news-bits:

  • Hills 2 will be much more bloody, gruesome and disgusting.
  • If the second one does as well as expected, it’s possible that a Hills 3 will follow.
  • I asked about the remake of The Last House on the Left to which he could not give me a straight answer for. He said that although the project is slated for a remake, he has not yet started to work on it. It will happen somewhere down the line but no other specifics were available.
  • I did ask about the possibility of a return to Nightmare on Elm Street to which he said he hadn’t really heard anything about but wouldn’t be surprised if the studio were contemplating it without having yet approached him. He said he would consider another Elm Street if they asked him to do a follow up.
  • In terms of SCREAM 4, the renowned director said that he was actually open to the idea now, but that it would all depend on the script.
  • In terms of any future horror movies, he said that he was going to be writing an original screenplay for Rogue Pictures, but no other info was given.”

SCREAM 4 feasible?

As for the exclusive footage; the first one was a lengthy disgusting, bloody but very impressive graphic human/mutant baby birthing scene. The rest were clips of the national guards fighting the vicious mutant freaks in their caves and underground hiding places in the desert where the Carters were trapped the last time.

Co-written by Wes Craven and son Jonathan Craven, the disturbing sequel is expected to be released on March 23rd of this year. Stay tuned for my entire one-on-one with Wes Craven, as well as some Q&As with Jonathan Craven, Jessica Stroup and Daniella Alonso.

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