Hills Have Eyes 2 trailer

Prepare to be regularlywhelmed. Not overwhelmed nor underwhelmed just averageordinarywhelmed by the teaser trailer for THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2. I will give the teaser credit for trying to do something different but it doesn't quite hit the mark. Why not have the bodies barely alive, flinching and holding on to that last gasp of life? As it was, it really did nothing for me and I fully expect the film to do the same. The remake of HILLS was pretty unnecessary so a sequel to the remake is really unnecessary (especially since there's already a HILLS HAVE EYES 2 and it was terrible in its own right). Martin Weisz, who has no discernable relation to Rachel, is directing. You might recognize his from such music videos as Mel B's "Feel So Good" and Sisqo's "Unleash the Dragon." Yeah. Click here to head to IGN Movies to check out the HILLS HAVE EYES 2 teaser trailer. THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 hits theaters next March.

Source: IGN Movies



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