Hilton sings opera?

In a casting decision that was wisely timed to come out after the Comic-Con (where it could be widely laughed at), Lionsgate and director Darren Bousman have cast Paris Hilton in the horror musical REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. Which means yes, she will be singing throughout the movie. Also cast in the film are Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino and Bousman's SAW star Tobin Bell. Bousman said of casting Hilton: "She is this role." Hmm. I have so much I want to say about this the words are all clogged in my throat trying to get out. I suppose Bousman is aiming to make a gloriously campy movie and in that case, this is casting genius. Bousman seems like an intelligent enough guy and this is his dream project so I can't imagine, if he's taking it totally straight, that he'd actually cast Paris Hilton in a singing role. I mean with all the professional actresses and singers out there she can't possibly have been better than anyone in the auditions. Then again, this could be the kind of movie that screens in the Village on Halloween for years to come. In that case, I can't wait.

Extra Tidbit: Bousman's entry of SAW IV hits theaters on October 26.
Source: Variety



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