Hiro joins 21

"Heroes" is probably one of the top three shows on TV. It started out slow but has gained momentum in leaps and bounds as it has gone on and is really firing on all cylinders now. One of the breakout stars of the show is Masi Oka who plays Hiro Nakamura. He was recently nominated for a Golden Globe and has now signed on to star in 21 alongside Kevin Spacey. In the film, Oka will play one of a group of MIT students who conspire, with their mathematics professor, to swindle millions out of Vegas in a card-counting scheme. Robert Luketic (LEGALLY BLONDE) is directing for Sony with filming taking place this February. Oka will shoot while on break from "Heroes." Despite his work on "Heroes," Oka still finds time to pitch at ILM, where he used to work full-time as a digital artist on films like THE PERFECT STORM, the new STAR WARS trilogy, WAR OF THE WORLDS and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2. Now don't you feel even more inadequate?

Source: Variety



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