Hitman 2 has a director in its sights

I haven't heard the original HITMAN described by many people as anything other than a disappointment, but plans are moving ahead for a sequel (the first made $100M on a $30M budget), which has just landed a director in the form of Spaniard Daniel Benmayor.

No, you probably haven’t heard of him, but his feature debut PAINTBALL sounds f*cking awesome. It’s about a bunch of kids who head into the woods for a paintball game, only to find out that someone is using real ammo. Hah!

The real question here is whether or not Timothy Olyphant is returning. Deadline says there is an option on him at the moment, but whether he’ll actually do it is unclear. As much as I love Olyphant in a lot of roles, I think HITMAN was kind of a low point for him, and I would caution him to stay away and stick with rocking out Justified and other interesting projects like THE CRAZIES for now.

The original HITMAN was just weird for me. It seemed like someone took a movie that was shot for PG-13 to increase revenue, but then at the last minute someone changed their mind and added in some CGI blood and told Olga Kurylenko to come back for a reshoot and take her top off. Not that I’m complaining about that mind you.

Is HITMAN 2 with this new unknown director and no Olyphant worth it?

Extra Tidbit: This is where I expect legions of HITMAN fans I didn't know existed to come out of the woodwork and repudiate me for my distaste of that film.
Source: Deadline



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