Hobbit casting rumors

Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson are gearing up for their live-action adaptation(s) of THE HOBBIT, and they have undoubtedly been giving serious thought to an appropriate (and available) actor for diminutive adventurer Bilbo Baggins.

Word has it that the grand announcement may be delivered at Comic Con, but why not guess right now? The LA Times has tossed out a few names for the part, including the oft-mentioned James McAvoy (WANTED, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA), kid-wizard Daniel Radcliffe (HARRY POTTER, yeah), and an intriguing new submission: recent Dr. Who David Tennant.

While Radcliffe seems unlikely (his fantasy franchise committal remains at Hogwart's) and McAvoy has been a fan favorite, Tennant could be a dark horse to be shrunken into Tolkein's little wanderer -- not only does he seem to have a fairly open post-Who schedule (which he'd need for the projects' considerable involvement), but he also happens to be attending Comic Con next week for "Dr. Who". Hmmm.

Extra Tidbit: Tennant shared the screen with fellow theoretical hobbit Radcliffe as Barty Crouch Junior in GOBLET OF FIRE.
Source: LA Times



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