Hobbit vs. F'kenstein

Guillermo Del Toro Geek and fanboy messiah Guillermo Del Toro recently spoke to the BBC about his upcoming three year odyssey THE HOBBIT and confirmed something that most of us knew all along - Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis will all be back to reprise their LORD OF THE RINGS roles as Gandalf, Elrond and Gollum, respectively. It's also safe to assume that any other actor featured in THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy that Del Toro finds a place for in THE HOBBIT will also be returning. More interestingly, though, Del Toro also mentioned that he's already cast Frankenstein in his upcoming adaptation and who else could it be? Doug Jones, of course. Jones is Del Toro go-to monster guy just as Serkis' is Jackson's go-to monster guy. Hell, Jones may just show up as some sort of monster in THE HOBBIT. Maybe even the evil dragon Smaug? Yeah? In any case, check out the entire interview over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Check out a pic of Del Toro's bad ass pad HERE.
Source: BBC



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