Holmes replaces Liv

Just one week before shooting was scheduled to begin in New York City, Katie Holmes has signed on to replace Liv Tyler in the comedy THE ROMANTICS. Tyler was set to star in the film alongside Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody and Jeremy Strong but recently dropped out for unknown reasons. Holmes will instead play the lead role of the maid of honor at a wedding who questions her relationships with her friends and whether or not she's still in love with the groom (Duhamel). But before you start cringing too much, it's described as a "screwball comedy."

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Galt Niederhoffer, who also happens to be a movie producer who also happens to be directing and producing this movie (funny how things work out like that, huh?). Filming was scheduled to begin in late August but Tyler's departure caused schedule delays. Holmes can be seen next in the thriller DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK.

Extra Tidbit: Holmes reportedly auditioned for a role in NINE but lost to Penelope Cruz (duh).
Source: Variety



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