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Hood talks Magneto


Director Gavin Hood really impressed me with his take on Wolverine in "the summer’s first blockbuster" as they're advertising it on TV these days. I mean, how you can make a film that's almost entirely bloodless and uninteresting when the main character has butcher knives on his hands and a fascinating backstory is almost miraculous to me.

Well, Hood recently talked to MTV about possibly bringing some of that magic to another X-Men legend, Magneto.

"Absolutely, if I was asked I’d take an interest," the director said. "But the truth is I haven’t been asked and I think that the studio right now is waiting to see how we do with the ["X-Men Origins: Wolverine"] DVDs, and who knows where we’ll all be if and when a ["Wolverine 2"] script is ready."

"[Magneto’s] certainly a very interesting character—one rooted in childhood trauma and psychologically complex—and one that was superbly played by Ian McKellen," he said. "There are certain characters in the X-Men universe whose psychological life is strong and fascinating and complex. I think that’s why they’re appealing to audiences."

I’m sorry, but I believe it’s my duty as a movie news writer to fully express to Fox how much this should not happen. Not only for MAGNETO, but for WOLVERINE 2, FIRST CLASS and hell, I wouldn’t even want Hood near a KITTY PRYDE movie. I’m sorry for being harsh, but you had your chance and it was nothing short of a trainwreck. Time to pass the franchise baton and wander off to do something else.

Extra Tidbit: Goyer? No, keep thinking.
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