Hoodwinked 2 cast

Ah the Oscars are over and now our first port of call is HOODWINKED 2? Apparently so, since the newish cast line-up has just been revealed. First up, Anne Hathaway (as Red) is out and Hayden Panettiere is in, which would be annoying if this was anything but voice-work only. Not that there's anything wrong with Panettiere, but Hathaway, she's a looker and she seems to always, always bare quite incredible cleavage. Also, The Woodsman will now be voiced by Martin Short. I desperately hope he plays the role like Franck Eggelhoffer in FATHER OF THE BRIDE, that would be brilliant. Joan Cusack is onboard to play a new villainous witch, Brad Garrett in some of the most obvious casting of all time is the giant from the notorious beanstalk. Wayne Newton is onboard to play 'Jimmy Ten-Strings' a singing harp, while SNL peeps Amy Poehler and Bill Hader will be playing Hansel and Gretel. What the hell, no Will Arnett? I was under the impression that he and Poehler are a package deal, like it is written into their contracts they will only appear if there is a role for each of them?
Extra Tidbit: Bill Hader does a dynamite Daniel Plainview.
Source: ComingSoon



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