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Hope for Torso

Dec. 9, 2008by:

Torso Last week, we learned that TORSO, the Brian Michael Bendis adapted serial killer thriller that David Fincher has been attached to direct for a ridiculously long time, was on the brink of disappearing forever as Paramount's option on the graphic novel will expire this week. However, the peeps over at CHUD got some scoopage that Todd McFarlane was on "Bubba the Love Sponge" show and said that the film has been greenlit. Hearing this, they did a little digging and while it's not exactly greenlit, it is out of development hell and possibly on the fast track. The film has apparently become a priority with Paramount exercising their option. The graphic novel tells the real life story of a serial killer during 1934 to 1938 who received his moniker for only leaving the torsos of his victims.

Extra Tidbit: The graphic novel was released in 1998.
Source: CHUD


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3:02PM on 12/10/2008
This is great news. I'm looking forward to seeing this.
This is great news. I'm looking forward to seeing this.
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