Hornet crash caught

Set n' Beauty at the Con

I really hope the people behind GREEN HORNET thought of building more than one of the character's car Black Beauty, otherwise the hits just keep on coming when it comes to that film being delayed and unlucky.

The folks of TMZ posted a fan-shot video taken from the set of HORNET where a routine scene went wrong. No blood and 'splosions, but I always like to see cars crashing on a movie set. Especially when it's not intentional. Makes me feel less embarrassed when I eventually crash my own car; if a Hollywood stunt driver can't even go around the corner properly, I'm allowed to ram a few parking meters once in a while. Right?

Not exactly news, but still, that video is down there to enjoy. Thanks to "Victor" for the tip.

In the mean time, still no news on who will take the part turned down by Nic Cage. Our own John Fallon is free for a few weeks, so that's a suggestion right there. Who needs Cage when you got The Arrow?

Extra Tidbit: That was my first time ever on TMZ. That place is worse on gossip than a Batman forum!
Source: TMZ



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