Hornet seeks new Kato

Seth Rogen is getting into fighting shape to play pulp hero GREEN HORNET, but he still needs a sidekick to do the heavy punching and kicking.

Originally, Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chow (SHAOLIN SOCCER, KUNG FU HUSTLE) was on the movie, both directing the exploits and co-starring as bodyguard/chauffer Kato. Then he vacated the director's chair (due to the now-familiar "creative differences") but supposedly remained involved in the role previously played by another kung fu idol, Bruce Lee.

But now it seems the part is open to anyone of Asian background -- Spoiler TV dug up a recent open casting call for the part: [KATO] ALL ASIAN ETHNICITIES, Male, 20's - early 40's. Brit Reid's manservant/chauffeur by day and Green Hornet's martial arts-skilled sidekick by night. Actor doesn't have to have Martial Arts experience

Sony has been grappling with the project for a while, and now it appears they're not even necessarily going after a "name" for a major role. Michel Gondry (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND) is on board to direct and Cameron Diaz has been considering the love interest part.

Rogen penned the script (with co-writer Evan Goldberg) and is putting on the mask to play newspaper owner Britt Reid who, in his spare time, fights crime alongside his loyal high-kicking sidekick.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder if Daniel Dae Kim is too busy with "Lost"? (Yes, I know he's Korean, but if they don't care, neither do I.)
Source: SpoilerTV



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