Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon may take on Adam Sandler's Pixels

Adam Sandler's movie based on the viral sensation PIXELS has found a director. Seth Gordon, who directed HORRIBLE BOSSES and the video game documentary KING OF KONG, looks to be the man to direct this retro adventure movie.

Gordon is currently only joining as executive producer but he may direct as well. That is good news since it would mean we would finally get the first Adam Sandler movie in a long time not to be directed by Dennis Dugan or Frank Coraci. On the negative side, the PIXELS script is being rewritten by Tim Dowling who created the abominable JUST GO WITH IT.

Sandler is not set to star in PIXELS, but did choose Gordon to aid with the film's development due to his knowledge of video games. Hey, if that is all the qualifications needed to direct an Adam Sandler movie, I am a shoe in!

The story for PIXELS is unknown but they are looking to make it an action-comedy in the vein of GHOSTBUSTERS, in which video game experts are brought in to solve the sudden 8-bit invasion.

Sounds interesting to me but I have a sneaking suspicion the cast will end up being Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, and Jonah Hill. Actually, that may work.

Check out the original PIXELS short film below.

Source: Variety



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