Horton Hears a Hex?

In mid-2008 Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were set to direct a live-action version of DC Comics' JONAH HEX based on a script they wrote. Later that same year Josh Brolin was attached to star in the film and, wouldn't you know it, Neveldine and Taylor were shown the door. (I don't think it's a secret that Brolin and Neveldine & Taylor didn't see eye to eye on a JONAH HEX film.) Warner Bros., looking to get production started this spring, went on a fast-track search for a new director that included McG and Andy Fickman (RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN). Eventually they decided on a guy who has never directed a live-action film before. Jimmy Hayward, whose lone directorial credit is Fox's animated film HORTON HEARS A WHO!, will direct JONAH HEX. Hayward is also expected to have some of the script rewritten to fit his vision. Hayward supervised the animation team on TOY STORY 2 and worked on MONSTERS, INC., FINDING NEMO and A BUG'S LIFE for Pixar as well (he also taught numerous courses at Pixar University). I've never met Hayward but I know some people who know him and have described him as "immensely charismatic" and "full of energy." Coming from Pixar is certainly a good start and I'm curious to see what he brings to HEX.

Extra Tidbit: The best part of HORTON (the anime segment) was conceived by Hayward.
Source: THR



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