Hostel: Part III will roll the dice in Vegas

It ain't exactly SAW, but HOSTEL is looking to churn out another installment, this time without the help of creator/director Eli Roth. Stage 6 films, responsible for direct-to-DVD releases STARSHIP TROOPERS 3, VACANCY 2, THE GRUDGE 3 and BOONDOCK SAINTS II is taking on the project. Wait, BOONDOCK SAINTS II was in theaters? Seriously?

So all signs point to a theater-less outing, but I wouldn’t be half surprised if the marketing department gets it in their heads that this actually might turn a profit in theaters, which honestly, if costs were low enough, I think it would.

Eli Roth says he’s put the project in the “very capable hands of director Scott Spiegel and producers Mike Fleiss and Chris Briggs” and he claims there was “huge demand to continue the series.” If you say so Eli.

The film will apparently be set in Vegas where a “bachelor part goes awry,” presumably both to distance itself from the not-so-kind portrayal of Eastern Europe, and to capitalize on the success of THE HANGOVER. Reportedly it’s filled with as much violence and nudity as you’ve come to expect from the series, but I wonder how many power tools are even left to maim people with at this point.

Extra Tidbit: I went to Vegas this year for a bachelor party. I'm pretty sure the limo that was sent to take us to a strip club could have easily just taken us to a torture chamber instead.



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