Hot Fuzz site redone

As much as I’m looking forward to HOT FUZZ, I’m afraid I hitherto haven’t once visited the movie’s official site (shame!) but I’ll take Twitch’s word for it that it’s been overhauled because it looks pretty cool now. In addition to the trailers and info about the film and what not, links to sections like The Pub, NewsAgent, and The Village have been set up but it’s only the Police Station and The Village People that are accessible right now, both of which introduce the movie’s characters. I’m going to pretty much demand that you repeatedly move your cursor over Nick Frost’s Deputy Danny Butterman at The Police Station and try not to laugh. You can also sign up to Join The Fuzz so that all information about the film is sent directly to you. There are actually both a US and UK version of the site, although I can’t discern any major difference. Head HERE to check it all out. HOT FUZZ has recently been pushed back to April 13th.

Extra Tidbit: Simon Pegg learned how to skid a bicycle for this movie.



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