Hot mermaid lovin' in Colin Farrell's Ondine trailer

I've been hearing good things about Colin Farrell's new mermaid movie, which is a phrase I never thought I'd write. It’s called ONDINE, and technically it's not a mermaid movie, as Alicja Bachleda is playing a different kind of sea creature that I can’t quite spell. A selkie maybe? That sounds right.

Anyway, Farrell finds her in the water one days, and discovers she has magical powers to sing to fish which lets him catch them and make cash. Over time Farrell falls for the fish girl and his wheelchair bound daughter bonds with her as well, but there’s trouble in paradise when her fish husband returns to take her back to the sea.

Yes, it does sound rather ridiculous, but from the trailer it looks pretty decent and filled with real emotion despite its similarities to SPLASH. Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: Farrell and Bachleda are dating in real life, so that probably helps create some spark.
Source: Apple



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