Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink in talks for David Mamet's Sexual Perversity In Chicago

Kevin Hart and Michael EalyHOT TUB TIME MACHINE was one of the most fun cinema-going experiences I've had in years, so I'll line up to see just about anything that director Steve Pink does next.  Except for a sequel set in the Seventies, because I think we've all had far too much of the Seventies for the time being.

SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO, which is just a great f***ing title, was a play written in 1974 by David Mamet that was then adapted for the screen in 1986 under the title ABOUT LAST NIGHT... That movie starred Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, James Belushi, Elizabeth Perkins, and Megan Mullally and was directed by, of all people, Edward Zwick (BLOOD DIAMOND). 

The plot of both play and movie followed "a couple who start a romantic affair despite their friends' disapproval," with the new version set to do the same and star Michael Ealy (MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA) and Kevin Hart (THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT) with Regina Hall (THINK LIKE A MAN) rumored for Elizqbeth Perkins' old role.  Leslye Headland (BACHELORETTE) will handle scripting duties while Will Gluck (EASY A) handles producing duties - hopefully we'll hear more about casting or production progress soon, because with the creative team behind this thing it could really turn into something pretty great.

Regina Hall allure


Extra Tidbit: Ironically, SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO is set in the seventies. There's no word currently about whether the time period will be updated.
Source: Deadline



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