Hot Women poster

Disclaimer: We here are JoBlo.com are not responsible if after viewing this poster for WOMEN IN TROUBLE the viewer goes into: cardiac arrest, sudden seizures, or anal fissures.

That said, it is something of a blessing to look at the beautiful women on the poster for this film. The one I'd like to swap lady love the most with is the sexy Carla Gugino. Even though I know a lot of you are into Emmanuelle Chriqui.

At first I wasn't really interested in seeing this film, but as we post more on it I become increasingly intrigued. It's also got Joseph Gordon Levitt in it, so you know it's good. You can't tell me you're not even remotely interested in seeing 80 shots of Gugino's or any rest of the ladies cans. Okay, I'm done writing, back to drooling.

Extra Tidbit: We are also not responsible for any other ailments such as: inverted penis, Count Choculitis, Leprosy, Flesh Eating Bacteria, Hot Dog Fingers, Government Created Killer Nano Robot Infection, and spontaneous dental hydroplosion.
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