Hotness is imminent as Jessica Biel and Sofia Vergara negotiate to join the cast of New Year's Eve

This is one of those confounding moments for me. On the one hand, this is about NEW YEAR'S EVE, the follow-up to this year's ensemble chick flick VALENTINE'S DAY. I don't think I have to say any more.

But on the other hand, THR is reporting that the one-two punch of boner, Jessica Biel (THE A-TEAM, POWDER BLUE) and Sofia Vergara (THE SMURFS, "Modern Family"), are now in talks to join the romcom. So many conflicting, yet, tingly feelings!

Anyway, also currently attached are the likes of Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank, and Ashton Kutcher; all of whom are in various stages of negotiations for lead roles, according to THR. The film tells intertwining stories of a group of New Yorkers as they navigate their way through romance over the course of the holiday. Biel would be playing "a pregnant woman who, along with her husband, try to win a cash prize given by a hospital to the couple who are first to give birth on New Year's Day." Um, right... ("Push, bitch! Push! Hurry!") As for Vergara, nothing is disclosed, but I'm hoping there will be an excuse to get her scantily clad.

NEW YEAR'S EVE, filming this month, opens December 9, 2011.

Extra Tidbit: Guys, I like you all a lot. And though it's not Christmas yet, here's a present anyway.



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