Hotties go crazy

Danielle Panabaker and Amber Heard have signed on to star in the upcoming John Carpenter thriller THE WARD. The film stars Heard as a girl admitted to the psych ward of a hospital. There she meets some fellow crazy hot chicks and battles yet another hot chick that stalks the halls at night. Kinda sounds like GIRL INTERRUPTED meets ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST by way of HALLOWEEN. Panabaker and Mamie Gummer will play friends of Heard's who, presumably, are victims of the slightly more evil and violent hot chick.

WARD marks Carpenter's first feature directorial effort since the Ice Cube debacle GHOSTS OF MARS. Let's hope this film is a return to classic Carpenter and not the last few films that wound up disappointing (IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS was the last Carpenter flick I really dug). Michael and Shawn Rasmussen wrote the script with filming set to begin next month in Washington state.

Extra Tidbit: Panabaker recently wrapped another horror flick, THE CRAZIES.
Source: THR



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