Hotties haunt Matty

Lacey Chabert, Amanda Walsh (DISTURBIA) and Emma Stone (SUPERBAD) have signed on to co-star with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner in the upcoming comedy THE GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST. Also joining the cast are Breckin Meyer and Anne Archer. In the film, McConaughey will play a womanizer who gets confronted by former girlfriends at his brother's wedding. The film is a romantic spin on the classic Dickens tale "A Christmas Carol" with Stone playing the Jacob Marley role and the women taking on the roles of "ghosts." Chabert and Meyer will play the newlyweds while Garner will play the best friend of his future sister-in-law and a former girlfriend. Am I the only one getting confused here? Who plays Tiny Tim? GIRLFRIENDS PAST has been around the block a few times and came very close to filming in 2003, coincidentally with Garner's husband Ben Affleck set to star. That iteration was shelved but was given new life when McConaughey signed on. Mark Waters (FREAKY FRIDAY) will direct the film for New Line starting next week in Boston.

Extra Tidbit: Why isn't Lacey Chabert a bigger star again??



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