Hotties have Spirit

Paz Vega Not content to have cast smoking hotties Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes and Sarah Paulson in his upcoming solo directorial effort THE SPIRIT, a feature adaptation of Will Eisner's seminal comic of the same name, comic legend Frank Miller has decided to throw sultry Latina goddess Paz Vega and gorgeous SIN CITY alum Jamie King into the mix. Vega will be playing a character named Plaster of Paris who apparently isn't a master of casting broken bones with the almighty power of gypsum cements but rather a knife-wielding hottie. King will play a character named Lorelei, who's described as a "phantom siren". Anyone wishing to elaborate on these characters, please feel free to do so in the strike backs. Production started this week and will continue until these hotties find themselves in a sudsy hot tub…naked. In the film, a resurrected rookie cop returns to fight crime under the titular moniker. Vega can next be seen alongside Tim Allen in the romantic comedy THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY LEFAY and King can next be seen in the horror thriller THEY WAIT and the geeked out dramedy FANBOYS.

Jamie King

Extra Tidbit: Paz Vega's name translated into English means "peace meadow".
Source: Variety



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