Hotties make Getaway

Kiele Sanchez has nice breasts. That is not the news in this story though it is something I just discovered while doing research for this story. As for the actual news, Kiele, her boobs and Milla Jovovich have signed on to star alongside Steve Zahn and Timothy Olyphant in the upcoming thriller A PERFECT GETAWAY. The film will follow a newlywed couple (Zahn and Jovovich) who run afoul of vicious killers (Olyphant and Sanchez) while honeymooning in Hawaii. Sanchez is most famous, or perhaps infamous, for her ill-fated stint on "Lost"; a run that proved so off-putting for fans of the show that her character was (even though this happened last season, I'll still issue a SPOILER WARNING) abruptly killed off. Jovovich has made a cottage industry for herself out of the RESIDENT EVIL movies. Now is it just me or doesn't it make more sense to have Milla as the vicious killer? She has that sort of psychotic potential and crazy glint in her eyes while Sanchez could be the wife in distress. The film was written and will be directed by David Twohy (PITCH BLACK) who will begin filming later this week in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Extra Tidbit: Sanchez was one of the five finalists in MTV's "I Wanna Be A VJ" competition.
Source: Variety



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