Hounsou Gets Some

Sexy beast Djimon Hounsou has followed up his acclaimed turn in BLOOD DIAMOND by signing on to a starring role in the upcoming flick, GET SOME, which is being called 'a teenage FIGHT CLUB'.

I really hate it when any film is equated to FIGHT CLUB and this could well be a perfect example. This flick is about a rebellious kid (Sean Faris, YOURS, MINE AND OURS) who is having trouble fitting into a new school and somehow gets himself involved in an underground Palahniuk-esque fight club. Unless this flick is laced with anti-consumerism, space monkeys and anarchistic rhetoric I'll be disappointed. I don't know about you guys, but for me, the thing that's brilliant (or even pivotal) about FIGHT CLUB isn't the actual club, it's everything else. Or maybe I misunderstood the flick. Or maybe GET SOME will be exactly like it, except with Hounsou slapping people around. Hopefully the latter, he's certainly got the Tyler Durden body anyway.

Jeff Wadlow (CRY WOLF) directs, with Amber Heard (ALPHA DOG) and mantastic Cam Gigandet (TV's THE O.C.) rounding out the cast.
Extra Tidbit: On the DVD cover of 13: TZAMETI, there is a comment that reads "Like FIGHT CLUB, only more satisfying"... Is it me or is that just a preposterous thing to say??
Source: Cinematical



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