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How does Rick Grimes not see the zombie behind him in this first image from season 4 of The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead

I've watched a lot of different television series and every now and then there will be a show that I'll love for the first couple of seasons but after that lose interest. It's not that I end up disliking these shows and there's a variety of reasons why my enthusiasm for a show will drop. What usually happens is I'll end up waiting until the show has finished its run and then go back and watch all the episodes I missed because that passion to watch the show immediately when it airs is just not there anymore. It happened to me with Rescue Me, Lost and Scrubs and now you can add The Walking Dead to the list. Part of it may be me being too much of a nitpicking comic book purist or that I hate dealing with fans that have no appreciation for the zombie genre outside of The Walking Dead.

But that's not the show's fault and while there may have been some changes to the comic that I don't agree with, The Walking Dead is still one of the better shows on television right now. The fourth season of the hit series is currently filming and AMC has released the first image from the new season and it features Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Sure it's not a spoiler or a great zombie kill but it is good to see Rick is looking (relatively) well.

The Walking Dead

Season four of The Walking Dead will consist of sixteen episodes and the first one will premiere sometime in October.

Extra Tidbit: I've heard about the end to season three and it sounded pretty anticlimactic. How would you like to see the fourth season play out and end?
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