How films should end

    How Terminator should end

Any fans of those hilarious 30-Second Bunnies out there? Well you're in luck. The folks from Starz Digital, home of the bunnies, made a deal with another group of movie spoof animators to have their videos showcased at large and help increase their production.

The site called How It Should Have Ended, or HISHE for intimates, takes a sarcastic look at leaps in logic found in movies and the way they end. Or simply suggest a funny alternate way the story could've wrapped up. My personal favorite is the one for Braveheart - funnier when remembering the line in the film where Wallace describes his own myth.

The new venture aims at a large and regular slew of movie spoofs, with a side-splitting brand new one to kick things off and a promise that the next will take a good hard look at *drum roll please* TRANSFORMERS. Here's that new video down there, which presents quite an unusual plot twist for the Terminator saga. Be sure to pause it at 19 seconds to carefully read the markings on the arm of the T-X... Tell me that ain't funny as heck!


Extra Tidbit: "In the future machines will use that technology to execute just ONE man?" I've been pointing that out all along...
Source: HISHE



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