How many of Entertainment Weekly's "50 Best Movies You've Never Seen" have you seen?

I love lists. Any time there is a ranking of movies I like to see how many of them I know and whether I agree with their order. Plus it is always nice to find new movies that you may not have ever seen before.

Entertainment Weekly recently compiled a list of the 50 Best Movies You've Never Seen. They run the gamut from foreign films to romantic comedies to genre pictures and a couple of box office bombs. Here are ten from the list that I would easily recommend everyone to check out as soon as possible.

24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE - Steve Coogan stars in this excellent British film about Factory Records, home to Joy Division and the Happy Mondays. A great little movie that will introduce you to some classic 80s music.

BAMBOOZLED - My favorite Spike Lee movie is a satire about blackface in modern entertainment. Damon Wayans and Savion Glover star.

BUBBA HO-TEP - Bruce Campbell. Need I say more? Okay, Elvis, a mummy, and the director of PHANTASM.

DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND - A disturbing documentary about the rite of passage every Amish teen must go through.

GHOST DOG: WAY OF THE SAMURAI - Forrest Whitaker as a samurai hitman taking out mobsters. It sounds utterly ridiculous but is so friggin' awesome. Check out RZA in a nice cameo at the end.

THE IRON GIANT - I highly doubt any of you reading this have not seen this movie. My kids watch it almost weekly. One of the best animated films, ever.

LAYER CAKE - See Daniel Craig pretending to be James Bond before he actually got the role. Plus, the entire "layer cake" monologue at the end is one for the ages.

MEMORIES OF MURDER - This is in many ways the South Korean equivalent to David Fincher's ZODIAC. Chilling and very well made.

THE REF - Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary. If you have not seen this than we cannot be friends. Best line: "Don't eat the penis, its just garnish."

THE RULES OF ATTRACTION - Roger Avary's adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel is both funny and disturbing. The European vacation sequence is one of my all time favorite moments from the last ten years of movies.

Check out the full list here. How many have you seen? List your own recommendations below!

Extra Tidbit: I've only seen 26 of them. Damn, I have some catching up to do.



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