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How much does David Goyer listen to the fans?


Over the years working for, Iíve seen the extreme highs and lows of passionate fanboys and girls. They all have their opinions on certain fandoms that pertain to their interests. Often we think, ĒIf only they would listen to usÖĒ Sometimes they do, then other times they donít.

Where does David Goyer stand? I know you guys have varied opinions on the guy so I thought it would be interesting to share where he stands on the subject:

First, Goyer addressed fan reactions and how much stock you could put into that:

Or Internet chatter, because youíre dealing with an incredibly vocal but incredibly tiny sort of [group]. Thatís a mistake that I think a lot of sometimes networks and movie studios make is sort of listening too much to [them]. I mean, itís important to listen to the fan chatter but youíre really talking about a tiny, tiny, tiny portion of your audience that may not be representative of what your mainstream audience actually thinks or feels.

Goyer added that you have to sort of check your gut and gauge how you feel about the particular subject. He said that they are aware of the reactions that are out there but it would be hard to listen to every single one. But affirmed they were aware of it. Then went on to say:

I think itís helpful, but at the same time, itís also, and Iím paraphrasing Steve Jobs, itís like you donít give the audience or the consumer what they want, you give them what they donít even know they want. I mean, being involved in some of these comic book movies and stuff like that, people say, well, this is what they should do. And trust me, if we had just done exactly that I donít think the audiences would have been completely happy. I mean thatís not to say that filmmakers canít misfire, but if you try to just do what you think the fan community wants youíll drive yourself crazy and you wonít actually write anything. So itís good to have that tension, but I think also some creators pay attention to it too much.

When it came down to it, Goyer broke it down between an original creator, or one that fans feel very protective of which is completely different. He said that you have a sort of responsibility to make yourself aware of how the fans feel. Then he talked about how the process went when it came to Batman:

And so Chris Nolan and I absolutely had discussions about that with regards to Superman or Batman and where he exists in the public consciousness and whether or not this was aligned with that or a betrayal of that or not. And sometimes you say, ďYeah, maybe this is different,Ē and you go for it. And sometimes youíre celebrated for and sometimes youíre not. And then sometimes you say no, this is the way itís been and this is what we should do. I mean, I will say that when youíre dealing with something that is a cultural touchstone I always think itís important to look at what are the elements or themes that are the most sticky, that bubble to the surface again and again over the decades. And those are probably the ones you should pay attention to.

David Goyer's next, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN hits theaters on May 6, 2016.



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