How To Lose Friends

I really wanted to title this piece 'How To Make A Shitty Trailer and Alienate an Audience' but I just didn't have the space. As I'm sure you can tell, the trailer for HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE has hit the web and it seems a little disappointing - you know you're in trouble when Simon Pegg stars, but you can't come up with one funny moment for the teaser. Fortunately though, this film has a ton of things going for it, which mean I'll probably give this teaser the benefit of the doubt. The film has Simon Pegg, who is usually fantastic. It also has Megan Fox, Megan Fox's left breast, her right breast, both of her legs, her face and her ass. That's eight really strong points, nine even if you count each cheek. You can check out the teaser right HERE and make your own mind up. The film follows Sidney Young (Pegg), a British intellectual who takes a job at a big New York City based magazine called Sharps. What happens next is his gradual rise to success, becoming the confidante of a starlet (Fox) and embarking on a love affair with colleague Alison Olsen (Kirsten Dunst). HOW TO is directed by Robert B. Weide (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and also stars Jeff Bridges and Gillian Anderson.
Extra Tidbit: There is only one correct answer when choosing between Megan Fox and Kirsten Dunst.
Source: /Film



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