Howard clears Cache

Ron Howard is focusing his sights on remaking the 2005 French thriller CACHE for Universal and Imagine. The original film, which starred Juliette Binoche, focused on a family who begin to receive mysterious videotapes on their front steps. As the videos become more and more personal - and more violent - the family gets worried and thus begins a scramble to find the culprit before the violence becomes all too real. The version Howard and Imagine partner Brian Grazer are cooking up will "expected to amp up the suspense and consequences." The original film was written and directed by Michael Haneke who won the Best Director prize at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. In fact, our own JoBlo was at Cannes that year and reviewed the film saying "if you expect to watch [CACHE] and find yourself involved in a great ol’ mystery, you will likely be very disappointed." Howard has not committed yet to CACHE (or HIDDEN as it was called in the States) as he has a number of projects on his plate. Up next could be FROST/NIXON, ANGELS AND DEMONS or SAW 4 (oh, no wait...).

Extra Tidbit: Haneke also directed another controversial thriller FUNNY GAMES, which is being remade with Naomi Watts starring.
Source: Variety



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