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Howling gets remake


Since we're now running out of vampire properties to adapt, it's time to start scraping the bottom of the barrel for the next best thing, werewolf movies. Now while some may turn out to be pretty awesome (THE WOLFMAN), some, like this newly announced remake of THE HOWLING, I presume, will not.

The original HOWLING, directed by Joe Dante, followed a woman being stalked by a serial killer who ended up being a werewolf, and somehow this was a good enough concept to spawn SIX sequels, not counting this latest one to be known as THE HOWLING: REBORN.

The film is being helmed by studio exec-turned-first-time-director Joe Nimziki, who is using his own script. Pardon me if I don’t have absolute faith in this project yet, but I suppose anything's possible.

Extra Tidbit: The question for any werewolf movie these days is if the wolf be CGI or a physical costume. Will it matter?
Source: Variety



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