Hudgens and Will

The nature of the universe doesn't permit that indie cinema can physically slap logic in the face, so Vanessa Hudgens has done the next best thing by signing up to play a high-school social outcast in the coming-of-age drama WILL. The film will center on Hudgens' former-stuttering outsider and a popular girl who form an unlikely bond through their shared love of music. They assemble a like-minded crew of misfits and form a rock group to perform in a battle of the bands competition at their school. God only knows why chicks that are just down right beautiful continue to be cast as high-school outcasts, it's just ludicrous. Depending on whether you're a broad or a dude, you'll know Hudgens from the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL films or from her 'pornography' scandal. Neither were particularly interesting, but she's cute, and she's not an awful actress, so I'll support her burgeoning career for the time being. Not that I saw her acting or anything in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, that's just what I heard, from, you know, my girlfriend. Anyway, I'm off to chop down some trees and eat some beef jerkey and fart and stuff, laters.
Extra Tidbit: It was either 'heard it from my girlfriend', or 'I had to, my job is to write about films! And I had to save something for when I inevitably get dragged to MADE OF HONOR...
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