Hudgens [email protected]?

After a few rumors made the rounds, it turned out that foxy young Disney thing Vanessa Hudgens (best known for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICALs and naked photos) wasn't actually going to be part of the TWILIGHT sequel. Does she have a potential franchise of her own in her future?

Possibly, but right now it's just more rumor -- but at least it comes from a better source. According to comic creator Josh Howard, his Viper Comics title DEAD @ 17 is in the works as a feature film.

As Howard mentions during a recent podcast with Comics on Comics (via LITG), producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (TRANSFORMERS, GI JOE) has a movie in the works based on the comic property, and they're pursuing Ms. Hudgens for the project. Mike Dougherty (X2, SUPERMAN RETURNS) is working on the script.

DEAD @ 17 (soon jumping to Image Comics) involves a murdered teenage girl who returns from the grave, a prophesied savior who uses her new abilities to fight evil. While looking hot, of course.

Extra Tidbit: I thought Hudgens was kinda hot way back in THUNDERBIRDS, which I'm sure qualifies me as a perv. I can live with that.
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