Hughes vs Hughes

Who will prevail in the battle of prestigious Howard Hughes biopics?  Will it be the Christopher Nolan/Jim Carrey version?  Or will it be the Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio version?  Previous beliefs held the Carrey version to be the frontrunner considering it gained the rights to the foremost biography on the multi-millionaire.  But while that film is still working on a script, Scorsese's version already has a script (written by John Logan) and a tentative start date this Fall. Both sides are aware of the other and are anxiously trying to be the first out of the gates. Scorsese and DiCaprio have put their planned Alexander the Great film on the side to concentrate on this film first.Michael Mann (ALI) was originally to direct DiCaprio in the film but stepped aside thinking Carrey's version was moving ahead sooner. Scorsese's interest sparked though and he's rushed to get the film moving, keeping Mann on as a producer.  Logan's script isn't the dark tale of Hughes we've all heard - it ends before the 1950s when he turned into the infamous recluse.

Source: Variety
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