Hulk 2 tidbits

Of all the Marvel movies so far, HULK definitely has the best scene of a guy being blasted into a white outline. What interesting visual oddities will the next HULK movie feature? We'll have to wait until the green behemoth arrives again in HULK 2 (aka THE INCREDIBLE HULK) to find out, but director Louis Leterrier (TRANSPORTER 2) has, at the very least, been offering a few other details at the Superhero Hype boards.

This time around, scientist Bruce Banner (and his emerald alter ego) won't be battling his father who turns into a lake -- his main foe will be General "Thunderbolt" Ross, who's got a major mad-on for the Hulk. Besides Ross and his military might, Hulk will be facing Emil Blonsky, who in the comics is also known as a mutated monstrosity called the Abomination. So a massively destructive smackdown (or two) could be in the cards.

Eric Bana isn't returning to the lead non-CGI role, and Leterrier says casting should begin soon (we should probably assume most of the previous actors will be replaced as well). More as we hear it!
Extra Tidbit: Johnny Depp and Steve Buscemi were among those rumored for the role of Bruce Banner during the film's lengthy development.
Source: Superhero Hype



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