Hulk gray and w/ Biel?

Marvel's INCREDIBLE HULK comes back to smash theaters next year, with Ed Norton as the new human incarnation of Bruce Banner. You might not like him when he's angry, but would you like him better if he was a different color?

While pimping SPIDER-MAN 3, Marvel madman Avi Arad let slip that very possibility: "It's a new Hulk, new direction, new size, new color, new attitude. Anything that was done before is not in this movie." Naturally, the automatic assumption to swiftly spread online was that this means the new Hulk will be of the gray variety.

If this is actually the case, it's a bit daring on Marvel's part, considering how well associated the color of green is with the angry muscle monster. Let's face it, the average non-comic reading audience (which, apologies to my fellow comic readers, is about 95% of people who'll see it) would instinctively say "How come he's not green?!?" Perhaps he'll transform from green to gray over the course of the new movie, or maybe ol' Avi just meant he'll be a different hue of emerald from the Bana version.

The new HULK flick, directed by Louis Leterrier (UNLEASHED), will reportedly be similar in tone to the recent comic arc by Bruce Jones (which in turn took its cue from the 70s live-action TV show), in which Banner is on the run in Middle America, hounded by a mysterious organization and the Abomination.

Another recent (and completely unsubstantiated) rumor claims that earthbound goddess Jessica Biel will reunite with her co-star from THE ILLUSIONIST for a part in the new HULK flick. But were it actually true, would that as a Jennifer Connelly/Betty replacement, or a different character? Maybe my sacrifices satiated the pagan underlords and she'll play She-Hulk, putting her phenomenal physique to good use and fulfilling a personal fantasy (just let me... think... ah yeah, there it is... green Biel... mmmmmm).
Extra Tidbit: At one point in the comic, Bruce Banner is afflicted with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Because turning huge and green and causing massive property damage just doesn't produce enough angst.



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