Hulk story details

Wondering exactly what Ed Norton did to Zak Penn's INCREDIBLE HULK script when he set out to rewrite it? IESB.net has posted up script details (which I would assume is a legally friendly way of posting a script review) of Norton's draft dated this May. An excerpt from their "details" says the following:

Banner is in Brazil working at a bottling plant staying under the radar in hiding. Living a quite, invisible, life Banner is searching for exotic flowers that he believes will help destroy the gamma radiation in his blood to end the struggle he’s lived with for the past 5 years. He tries desperately to always remain calm through the use of mediation and a pulse monitor.

This time around they're apparently getting right to the Hulk business and not waiting around for dogs to Hulk out or anything silly like that. Hulk gets an early rampage in the film as it turns out that meditation ain't exactly enough to keep the rage under control. To read more about INCREDIBLE HULK, which is currently filming in Toronto, click here to head to IESB.

Extra Tidbit: Tim Roth, William Hurt and Liv Tyler co-star in HULK for director Louis Leterrier.
Source: IESB.net



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