Hulk to be a villain?

IRON MAN screenwriter Mark Fergus spoke to MTV about his belief that the Hulk should be the villain in the upcoming AVENGERS movie that is being built towards:

"I hope ‘The Avengers’ embraces that... You don’t want like 10 super-badass good guys fighting together. Where’s the fun in that? Let’s break it off a little. Friends or colleagues who become enemies is always an interesting thing because you know it’s based on love and friendship and that’s always the worst thing to have turn bad — is someone you actually care about and someone you actually believe in.”

Louis Leterrier added:

“I left the door open for whoever’s going to direct ‘The Avengers’ with our last shot. Edward [Norton] and I, we consciously decided to make the last shot of the movie when he opens his eyes and he smirks at the camera... Is he enjoying it? Is he malicious? That’s what’s great about Edward. You don’t know if he’s a good guy or bad guy. He’s always on this edge and we’ve been sort of surfing that edge, that very thin edge during the entire movie.”

This, in my opinion, is an excellent choice. But what do you guys think?
Extra Tidbit: Leterrier sees the scene with Stark and General Ross in the bar as the first scene of THE AVENGERS.
Source: MTV



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