Hulk: Your thoughts?

You've read our reviews of THE INCREDIBLE HULK here and here. I'm probably sitting in the early show screening as you read this (I just have to see movies like this in a theater on opening day). So now comes your turn to share your thoughts on THE INCREDIBLE HULK. No one really gave this movie a shot but by all accounts, the filmmakers seemed to have succeeded. What did they do right that 2002's THE HULK did so wrong? Are you already excited about a INCREDIBLE HULK 2? What the hell would they call INCREDIBLE HULK 2? Where you one of the lone dissenters and you just don't see what all the fuss is about? Are you still wondering what the f*ck happened to that Captain America cameo everyone was yammering about? Here's your chance. The Strike Backs are wide open for you to post your own thoughts on THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Let it all hang out and engage in some friendly geek chat with your fellow schmoes. And if you're so inclined and have enough money to drop on two movies this weekend, you can share your thoughts on THE HAPPENING over here. I'm guessing that will be an entirely different discussion...

Source: JoBlo.com



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