Hurt and Heard, Why?

William Hurt and Amber Heard have joined THE RIVER WHY, an adaptation of the 1983 Sierra Club novel by David James Duncan. Matt Leutwyler is directing. The coming-of-age tale centers on a young man named Gus and his quest for an elusive rainbow trout, which is a metaphor for the man's internal search for self-knowledge. So you know what that means: film-major pussy. Hurt is Gus' father, while Heard is his love interest, a tomboy fly-fisher.

When I was watching this chick in NEVER BACK DOWN, I spent most of the movie thinking damn she's cute, and damn those are some giant breasts she has. I didn't know whether to photoshop her into my Christmas cards, or to get a boner. I got the boner, and when I look back I like to think I made the right call, but for a moment there, yeah, it was definitely touch and go.
Extra Tidbit: Hurt waived his salary for KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN so that the film could be made within its budget. He's cool like that.



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