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Director Kathryn Bigelow's upcoming Iraq action-drama THE HURT LOCKER is admirable for taking a non-traditional approach to war movies -- it's reminiscent of Sam Fuller's underappreciated WWII film THE BIG RED ONE, in that it essentially follows a small group of soldiers on seemingly unrelated missions. It's more about the psychological impact of men just trying to make it through the war.

This one follows wild-card bomb disposal expert Jeremy Renner, dealing with a variety of nefarious explosive devices and situations in Iraq. While it's compelling enough just to see the familiar faces that pop up (hey, Ralph Fiennes!), it also might make you wonder why until now the woman who directed POINT BREAK and NEAR DARK hasn't made a movie since K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER.

Anyway, the new poster is below (which unfortunately gives away a cool moment from the film), and you can check out the trailer down there too. The movie detonates on screen in June.


Extra Tidbit: Parts of the movie were filmed just a few miles from the actual Iraqi border.
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