Hurt on Hulk

While braving the brisk temperatures at Sundance for his indie THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF, veteran actor William Hurt was more than happy to discuss his work in this summer's big green reboot THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

The new flick, according to Hurt, is "stylistically, a completely different film" from Ang Lee's more psychological variation of the character. And he also apparently had a great experience working with Marvel, who is mostly handling the production themselves: "Sometimes a studio film is just pure anxiety; accountants and everybody saying, 'Oh God, oh God, I'm going to get fired,' but that wasn't the case here." (Universal is distributing the movie.)

Hurt also threw out a SPOILER:

He shares a scene with Tony Stark, better known among superhero fans as IRON MAN. As has been previously rumored, Robert Downey Jr. shows up for a scene with Hurt's Hulk-hunting General 'Thunderbolt' Ross, although Hurt admits that it's "weird" to share a character from another "franchise". The goal reportedly is ultimately to assemble as many available Marvel heroes as possible for an AVENGERS movie, so it sounds like they're definitely on the right track. Read Hurt's whole interview RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: According to all-but-verified rumor, another Marvel character to appear in IRON MAN (and possibly INCREDIBLE HULK as well): SHIELD director Nick Fury, as portrayed by Sam Jackson.
Source: MTV



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