H'wood's most overpaid

Forbes, through Cinemablend, has turned its eye on Hollywood, compiling a list of the current most overpaid actors, based on their box-office return versus their wages. Inevitably, Nicole Kidman is top of the list after a string of bombs like THE INVASION which actually managed the feat of losing $2.68 for every dollar that Kidman made. Studio executives recently commented that the only thing worse than having Nicole Kidman open your movie was having aliens that look like humans and Nicole Kidman open your movie. Or being locked in a room with a werewolf. Apparently it's neck and neck, which is surprising since Kidman has tits, historically a powerful trump card in such debates.

Rounding out the list is people like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Jim Carrey. Is it a coincidence that they're all insufferable? Actually, no, since if you check the list out over HERE, you'll surely find at least one actor that you're a huge fan of. If you don't, then good for you wise-ass, you're king of the world.
Extra Tidbit: She's hot though. Sometimes.
Source: Forbes



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