I am the law! Judge Dredd prepares his return

The 1995 Stallone-starring JUDGE DREDD probably didn't satisfy too many fans of the character's UK comic incarnation, but you can't keep a humorless futuristic lawman down.

Mega City One's top cop is coming back to bust perps with immediate high-velocity justice in a new JUDGE DREDD movie, which is currently being shopped at Cannes.

The project, which has been crawling through the Cursed Earth of development for a few years, has a script by Alex Garland (SUNSHINE, 28 DAYS LATER) and will be directed by Pete Travis (VANTAGE POINT). In 3D, of course!

DNA Films has joined with Reliance Big Entertainment to finance the flick for around $50 million.

Dredd has been trying to kickstart the Lawmaster for a while -- back in 2001, Rebellion announced plans for new back-to-back DREDD flicks, one involving corruption in Mega City One's legal system and the other pitting Dredd against the notorious supernatural Judge Death. And really, if they don't give us the classic Judge Death storyline, why bother?

Extra Tidbit: I always thought Jason Statham had the perfect mug for the helmet, but there were some interesting choices in Paul Tassi's Cast This column for the part.



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