I wanna date...!!

Just last month, the good peeps behind AOL's Moviefone.com decided to ask folks who their "celebrity crushes" were, and asked for my opinion as well. Needless to say, mine was Salma Hayek (pre-engagement) and many of you had some cool picks as well (in the STRIKE BACKs). Today, Moviefone.com is running a new feature called "Movie characters you'd love to date!" and asked for my two bits again. This one was a little harder as I've always wanted to date Edward Scissorhands or Tyler Durden, but I'm pretty sure that's not what they were looking for. I also considered Monica Bellucci's character from IRREVERSIBLE, but then realized that how wrong that might be.

In the end, I chose the girl who stole my heart all those years ago, pre-JoBlo.com, and who continues to brighten my mood, every time I watch TRUE ROMANCE (read my review HERE). That's right, some of you new generation kids might know her as the "fattie from TV's Medium", but for me, she's always be...Alabama Worley aka Patricia Arquette!! CLICK HERE to see all of the other people's picks (and my reasonings for choosing her), or just STRIKE BACK below with your choices. And yeah, she taste like a peach!!

Source: MovieFone.com



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