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I Want That: Amazing unique Batman statue from designer of Final Fantasy


Most folks wont recognize the name Tetsuya Nomura but if you have ever played Final Fantasy or Kingdom hearts, you have likely seen his design work. Whether it be ornate costumes or elaborate weapons, Nomura has lent a very Eastern and unique style to video games for a long time. Now, Tetsuya Nomura's Dark Knight has been unveiled as a variant statue that gives fans a Batman they have never seen and likely never imagined.

Featuring huge wings, talons, and a horned helmet, this is a Batman you would expect to see in a video game or manga. Obviously not practical for prowling the streets of Gotham City, this would absolutely drive fear into the hearts of men. I know I would absolutely move my ass to Metropolis if I ever saw this on a rooftop. But, as far as collectibles go, this is a must have.

While there is no price for the statue or details about it, you can take a look at the two images of the figure below. If you are lucky to be attending Comic Con in San Diego, you may get to see this beauty in person.

Source: The Verge



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