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I Want That: geek wedding rings


These rings that I ran across this morning actually come at just the perfect time.  Not because I'm getting married or anything, but because I recently decided I'd like to weave LORD OF THE RINGS-related lines into my wedding ceremony/vows if and when they ever come to pass.  I'd even go so far as to say I'd like to Hugo Weaving them in. 


These geek-related wedding rings cover nearly every aspect of the greater geek world, from Dr. Who to Green Lantern to D&D and everything in between.  To be fair I don't know if I'd actually want any of these per se, but I do definitely dig the idea, passion, love, and joy behind them.  Then again, now that I think more about it, I'd have to say that the Han Solo-related rings are my favorite of the bunch.  You'll know them when you see them.

Anyone out there have a similarly-styled ring that they'd care to share, or even simply the plans for one?

Doctor Who

Geek rings 1

Geek rings 2

Geek rings 9

Star Trek

Geek rings 3


Geek rings 4

The Legend of Zelda

Geek rings 5


Geek rings 6

Indiana Jones

Geek rings 7

Geek rings 8

Star Wars

Geek rings 10

Geek rings 14


Geek rings 11


Geek rings 12

Geek rings 18

Geek rings 15

Geek rings 16


Geek rings 17

Space Invaders

Geek rings 13


Geek rings 19

Extra Tidbit: The first two Doctor Who rings and the Star Trek ring are actually available for purchase - head on over to Blastr (click the "source" link above), click through the slideshow to find your ring of choice, and there should be a link in the description.
Source: Blastr



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