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I Want That: Real-Life Jumanji Board Game


It was almost 20 years ago that director Joe Johnston (HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, THE PAGEMASTER) brought us the family adventure movie JUMANJI starring Robin Williams. In the movie, a supernatural board game makes wild animals materialize with each player's move. It was great fun and even left an opening for a sequel which hasn't been conjured up surprisingly.

I haven't given the movie much thought over the years; that is until today, when I saw that I could own my very own JUMANJI board game! Now I'm sure it won't provide me with my own bearded jungle Robin Williams or an annoying troop of monkeys, but this is a pretty sweet memorabilia piece for someone's cave for sure.

Take a look:

This real-world version of the game was created by prop maker Gemma Wright; it looks awesome doesn't it? She's going to be busy with orders for a long time I'm sure.

Source: Gemma Wright



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